Dr Elzbieta Pyrkosz-Cifonelli Cardiologist

Cardiologist Dr Elzbieta Pyrkosz-Cifonelli
I studied my dream profession – medicine – in the Medical Academy in Kraków. I have worked as a doctor for 25 years and have extensive experience as an internist - internal disease specialist.
I gathered my experience working in Polish hospitals, clinics, emergency departments and first-aid stations. Part of my professional experience I used while performing health check-ups needed by employees in their workplace. For many years I have carried out diagnostic tests – abdominal cavity, thyroid and breast ultrasound, as well as continually developed my professional skills by attending numerous courses, which earned me a renowned certificate of the Polish Ultrasound Society.

In 2005 I was awarded a title of specialist in cardiology and in May 2017 I completed specialisation programme in geriatrics, which further expanded my qualifications. I worked in a hospital, a private clinic and a non-invasive cardiology department as a non-invasive cardiologist. In the UK I am a registered consultant in the field of internal diseases, a consultant in cardiology and a GP. Since 2011 I have worked in one of English hospitals as a consultant in the geriatric medicine department. I take care of patients at the age of 65 and above. I run and supervise medical care in the department in the English language. As an orthogeriatrician my task is to prepare elderly patients for orthopedic surgeries and supervise their post-operative care and rehabilitation. I also treat cardiologic and internist complications in patients from the above mentioned age group.
In Top Medical Clinic in Croydon near London I provide medical care in the field of cardiology and internal diseases. I diagnose and treat chest pains, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure and heart defects in adults. I perform and interpret ECG and echocardiography (heart ultrasound) providing a description in Polish and English.
I perform and interpret abdominal cavity ultrasound. I interpret a 24-hour Holter ECG record. Moreover, I provide medical care in the fields of: internal medicine - lung conditions (infections, bronchial asthma, sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and geriatrics (osteoporosis, identifying causes of falling in elderly patients, deep vein thrombosis and memory problems).

As a specialist with many years of experience I attach great importance to prophylaxis, which is always an important elements of each of my visits.

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