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Dr Dominika Przygocka

Since graduating from the prestigious Medical University in Łódź Dr Dominika Przygocka has been dedicated to expand her knowledge and skills with regard to her professional passion – Orthodontics.

Dr Przygocka cooperates with numerous specialists, offering services of the highest quality for both NHS and private health care providers. In her practice she uses mainly self ligating brackets from American Orthodontics and the cutting-edge Damon system.

She continually broadens her knowledge by actively participating in international courses and symposia devoted to orthodontics. In the summer of 2019 she had an opportunity to take part in the European Carriere Symposium in Barcelona, where she was able to learn about the latest orthodontic procedures presented by specialists from around the world.

Dr Dominika Przygocka is also a representative of Invisalign – the best and longest operating system of aligners used in patients of all age groups. Her priority is to provide orthodontic services in a friendly and welcoming environment, as well as to build relationships with her patients built on care and trust. She always strives to deliver the effect desired by the patient – both aesthetic and functional – in the fastest possible time.

Price List

Consultation £70
Full diagnostics + 3D models £150
Fixed self-ligating metal braces EMPOWER 2SL (cost per arch) £900
Fixed self-ligating braces ESTHETIC EMPOWER CLEAR (cost per arch) £1200
Damon self-ligating metal braces (cost per arch) £1000
ESTHETIC DAMON Q CLEAR self-ligating permanent braces (cost per arch) £1300
Orthodontic visit £120
INVISALIGN LITE (cost of treatment of upper and lower teeth) £3700
INVISALIGN LITE (cost of treatment of upper or lower teeth) £2700
Vivera retainers £400
CARRIERE® MOTION 3D™ Bite Correction Appliance
Carriere® Motion 3D™ metallic £400
Carriere® Motion 3D™ esthetic (clear) £500
Control visit Carriere® Motion 3D™ £50
Bonding orthodontic bracket £30
Bonding of new orthodontic bracket £60
Replacement of 1 arch £80
Replacement of 2 arches £120
Exchange of elastic ligatures £50
Removal of fixed braces 1 arch with retention and 3D models // Removal of braces 1 arch with Essix retainer +3D diagnostic models (fixed retainer is NOT included in the price) £200
Removal of braces 2 arches with Essix retainers + 3D diagnostic models (permanent retainer is NOT included in the price) £400
ICON - removal of white spots on teeth
1 tooth £100
2-3 teeth price per 1 tooth £80
Over 3 teeth price per tooth £70
Essix Retainer (overlay/movable retainer) 1 arch £85
Essix Retainer (overlay/movable retainer) 2 arches £170
Fixed retainer (1 arch) £120
Damon Ultima System £1000 per arch

*Due to a massive interest of particular specialisation we do require a £40 prepayment fee during the registration, which will be deducted from the final price after the visit. Due to the special nature of prosthetic treatment, a £100 deposit payable before the next visit may be introduced in the cases specified by the dentist. If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of appointement

*Due to a massive interest in particular specialists, we do require a £30 prepayment fee during the registration. It be deducted from the final price after the visit.
If you do not cancel /rearrange your visit up to 24 hours before the date of the appointment is due the deposit is non refundable. Thank you for your cooperation.
Package policy
* Unused treatments from the package are non refundable. *Please note: if you won’t attend planned appointment without cancellation or rescheduling within 24 h before planned visit – the treatment from the package – the visit is lost.
Abdominal cavity ultrasound preparation:
Light diet day before, recommended to do the scan 6 hours after eating, eat a little on the day of the test, drink a lot. Abstain from emptying bladder for 1-2 hours before the planned examination. The patient should make sure their bowels are empty before the scan.

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